The mathematics faculty is committed to ensure that our young learners are not only successful at Derby Moor Academy, but thoroughly equipped to prosper in future academic opportunities and employment.

Our curriculum is designed to promote:

  • Confidence, resilience and fluency in mathematical knowledge
  • Develop mathematical skills to solve contextual problems
  • Develop reason and understanding to tackle problems in a methodological manner
  • Opportunities to work independently and in collaboration with others
  • An enthusiasm for mathematics and related careers

 To support our curriculum, we have been greatly inspired by our four values:

 Achievement: To raise attainment amongst our pupils, the mastery approach has been effectively embedded into our practice. Students develop their mathematical fluency and understand concepts by studying each topic in great depth. With new found appreciation for their learning, this leads to strong progress and reduces the need to re-visit former topics at a later stage.   

Aspiration: To drive our mastery approach, the mathematics faculty has continued to invest in “The Growth Mindset” approach. This ideology aims to improve student’s self-esteem and learning by growing their resilience to new mathematical concepts. Teachers create an environment of praise, high levels of expectation and opportunities to collaborate with their peers.

 High expectations: We remain driven to establish and uphold our routines and procedures throughout the academic year. With a positive environment centred on teaching and learning, we ensure all our students embrace challenge, differentiation, independence and respond to feedback effectively.

 Community: Working as part of an Academy Trust has provided opportunities to quality assure our practices, observe and share strategies that further enrich the learning experience of all our students. In addition to this, we have successfully installed strong partnerships with external provides, such as Rolls Royce and Buildbase to support with student aspirations, career opportunities, attainment and work experience.


To fulfil early promise and latent potential within our students, teachers are supported by a number of stakeholders. To begin, faculty leadership regularly assists with teaching and learning strategies, provide effective resources and data to highlight developmental areas amongst our students. Further to this, senior leadership provide opportunities for faculty members to participate in continued professional development courses, with a clear focus on student progression and attainment.

 To secure a holistic learning experience for our pupils, the mathematics faculty regularly evaluates four key areas: Teaching and Learning, Assessments, Tracking and Intervention.

 Teaching and Learning: When delivering our set scheme of work, we have continued to encourage all members of the faculty to deploy a range of teaching styles to successfully engage all students. It has remained essential that each lesson encompasses key principles, such as: 

  • High expectations for student engagement
  • Teaching for depth through questioning and modelling
  • Challenge and differentiation to accommodate all abilities
  • Opportunity to develop resilience, work independently or as part of a team
  • Regular use of encouragement, motivation and praise
  • Time to respond to our Knowledge Assessment Sheets (KAS) and corrective teaching (WIN) lesson.
  • Homework linked to retention or extension of a lesson 

Assessments: Throughout the academic year, students of all key stages receive frequent opportunities to demonstrate their learning. This can range from formative assessments in the classroom to summative assessments at the end of each term. A large emphasis is placed on retention and numeracy application as it is important to see the effectiveness of the mastery approach and ensure our students can articulate their answers in a methodological manner. 

Tracking: To support our students successfully, a long-term tracking system has been embedded within the mathematics faculty. Students data is frequently assessed to evaluate their progress, which is regularly communicated between teacher and student. This creates great ownership amongst our pupils, as they are actively involved in their progression and commit to the intervention required. Parents / Guardians are regularly updated on their child’s progress and greatly support the vision we have to ensure their potential is realised.

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