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Drop Down Day

On Friday 6th October, Year 8's normal timetable was suspended so they could attend a series of workshops run by facilitators from London based company 2020 Dreams and the local NHS.

The most popular workshop was on Mental Health and Positive thinking.  Other topics included the risks of Alcohol and drugs, Maintaining good hygiene and grooming and the possible consequences of failing to do so now and in the future.  Interesting discussions arose as the students considered Sexuality and making positive decisions.  In the Puberty workshop they explored the way our bodies change and the responsibility that comes with those developments.  Self esteem and body image encouraged us to be proud of who we are.

Students learned by listening to case studies, role plays, quizzes, card sorts, film clips discussions and question and answer.

Consequent evaluation shows that students valued these experiences.

Our students were complimented by the visitors on their good behaviour, punctuality. Quality of contribution and sensitivity and caring.
Our next Drop Down Days will be on December 5th when Year 9 will have the chance to learn more about Relationships and Heath and December 8th when Year 11 will attend a series of Employability workshops.