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Holocaust memorial DAY competition winner

Congratulations to Yr. 10 student, Adna Bjelobrvic, who has won first prize for her Holocaust memorial day competition entry, a poem titled " The Blood of the Rose".

Her winning entry can be found below and is also displayed in Cavendish area library for the next couple of weeks.

We are sure you will agree this is a fantastic achievement.


The Blood of the Rose

I am an exertion of beauty
A figure situated to be unconcealed
A simple gesture of nature
With my lips completely sealed.

My incapability to speak is a curse
Actions are extremely significant
However, without sound
One is unable to amerce.

The simplicity of my deep red packaging
Embodies the droplets of blood
The blood that is so damaging
This must be understood.

The lack of communication and speech
Submerges me in this carmine fluid
For it is you preach
I would wish to do more, but I’m muted.

Remember me, as I am punished
I am punished for your lack of sound
Ensure that your gift of speech is treasured
And I promise that peace will be found.

Adna Bjelobrvic, 14