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Mock Trial Competition

It was well worth making the  early start on a Saturday morning when 13 of our students participated in the Derbyshire Heat of the National Citizenship Foundation’s Mock Trial Competition. Our students looked amazing, dressed as they felt their characters would thus really bringing the scene to life. The trial centred around a character who was accused of having a knife in a public place after a noisy argument. Our 3 Magistrates had to discuss the verdict with Magistrates from the 2 opposing schools in our phase of the competition. They were complimented on their perceptive analysis of the case.

Our Defence Team of 2 Lawyers, 2 witnesses and the Usher competed against Bemrose School and our Prosecution Team of 2 Lawyers, 2 witnesses, a Legal Adviser competed against Ecclesborne School. Everyone played their parts convincingly, proving they could think on their feet when asked unexpected questions or given surprising answers. They were all extremely confident and very realistic.

Our Court Reporter has written an authentic account of the proceedings which will be judged in a separate competition in the near future.

It was a great opportunity to meet students from other local schools. We were privileged to meet the High Sheriff and hear about her work, then to have the opportunity to ask questions about the work of the real Magistrates and the role of the courts. It was an extremely informative and rewarding day. Many of the students’ parents also enjoyed the experience, which felt truly authentic as it was played out in the actual courtrooms. I was so proud of every student who took part and they were as usual a pleasure to be with. The two Magistrates who mentored us whilst preparing for the competition were very complimentary about our students’ performances and they are keen for us to take part again next year. They have offered to maintain liaison with the school and assist with anyone seriously interested in a career in law.

Carol Ezis

Debate Club Organiser.