Principal's Update 13th November 2020

Dear Families,

I hope this message find you and everyone connected to you safe and in good health. I write again to let you know that we will not be open at full capacity next week. It is with sadness that we make this decision and face the reality that we remain unable to safely staff the school to accommodate the whole cohort of students. Next week:


  • Year 10 students will return to school as normal. We look forward to welcoming them back to lessons. They should be prepared to submit any work completed online to their class teachers.
  • Year 7 will move to online provision and must remain at home this week. We realise that there are childcare implications for families here and have resisted asking Year 7 to stay at home for this reason. However, with other Year Groups having already moved to online learning for a week our options have become limited. I hope the weekend is sufficient notice for families to make the necessary arrangements. Please be assured that we would not have taken this decision unless it was absolutely necessary. Guidance to access online learning can be found here:  with an accompanying video here:


I will be reviewing the situation daily and will communicate with Year 7 families on Wednesday about the remainder of the week. If a number of our staff are able to return, we may be able to bring Year 7 back in for face to face lessons on Thursday although this remains under review. Please await an email update or check the website for the latest information.

I have spoken to most Year Groups this week about the situation in school and the government guidance about Covid 19 and wanted to relay the same message to families. Firstly, the primary reason for Year Groups moving to online learning has been the number of staff unavailable for work. We have had some staff absent with Covid-19 but the main reason for absence is self-isolation due to contacts with positive cases. Most of those are from beyond our school community. We have had students who have tested positive, as you will be aware, however, the numbers still remain low. We have had to isolate a large number of students due tracking and tracing contacts with positive cases in school. With this in mind we have reminded students that they must stay at home if they have symptoms and remain at home for 10 days or until they receive a negative test. They must also stay at home if someone in their household has symptoms. This would be for 14 days or until the family member receives a negative test. The government stay at home guidance can be found here as well as a Punjabi version and an Urdu version. We thank you for your vigilance and help with this and would prefer you to be cautious at this stage than take the risk of sending your child in with symptoms.

Finally, I would hope that this is the last time I have to communicate a restriction in face to face provision to you. In reality, I know it may well not be the last time and this situation may persist throughout the winter months. We need to work together more than ever at this time to ensure that our students, your children have the most joined up educational experience they can have. We are doing all we can online and within school and we know that as families you are supporting us with this. Thank you for all the positive feedback so far, it has helped keep staff morale high. Equally do contact school if you are finding access to the online provision a challenge as we will no doubt need to remedy this to prepare your child for the weeks and months ahead.

Best wishes to all our families and, although Diwali will be different this year, I hope it still brings joy to those of you who are celebrating.


Scott Doyle