Principal's Update 23rd April 2021

Dear Families,

I hope this update finds you and your family in good health. Our students have returned to school this week after a two week break and, like our staff, have looked refreshed and ready for the term ahead. I have a few short updates this week that I will detail below.


Year 11

Mocks have gone well so far this week and, as ever, our Year 11 students have been exemplary in their approach to them. We realise that some have found the experience intense and we are supporting them with this. Please be assured that the mock assessment is only one piece of evidence from a range of sources that will be used to determine final grades. We are in the process of producing a guide to explain the range of evidence we will be using over the coming weeks.

A number of students have asked about Graduation. At present the guidance from DfE says we can’t hold assemblies. As such, this makes it difficult to commit to our usual celebrations until that guidance changes. As a school we want to say well done and farewell but will have to wait before committing to an event in school. I must therefore advise families to press pause on any bookings of vehicles etc until we are able to confirm arrangements.


Covid 19

We have been selected to take part in a national study into Covid 19 this term to look at the transmission of the virus and the different variants in circulation. This will not affect any of our practice in school but will give the opportunity for any students who are asked to self-isolate to take part in the study. They will be asked to complete two swabs whilst at home which will be analysed via PCR as part of the study.

Home tests – Students have been issued with further home testing kits this week. We advise that they complete their tests on a Sunday and Wednesday each week to keep in a regular routine. All results should be logged online and families should notify the school of any positives tests via the email.



Thank you to families for supporting us with our uniform expectations. We have allowed some leeway whilst stores have been closed for discrepancies in uniform but we are now back to our usual High Expectations. If there is a reason why your child in unable to come to school in full uniform, please contact your child’s Year Manager so we can support or arrange for alternative uniform items to be sourced.


Duke of Edinburgh

As the nation has mourned the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, many of us have reflected in his achievements and his legacy, part of which, the D of E award is something that has become a rite of passage for many young people. We are pleased to announce have recently appointed a new D of E manager, Mrs Burrows, who will be in contact with families shortly with updates about how our provision will map out over the next few weeks and months.


Final thoughts

I am really pleased that we are able to start the D of E award up again at Derby Moor. The values it instils in young people are aligned with the values of our school and the kind of attributes and experiences we aim to develop in our students such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working and communication. All of which contribute to the employability of our young people in the future. As the summer approaches and restrictions begin to lift we hope that we will be able to offer more of our ‘normal’ activities both in and out of school as the term progresses.


Best wishes,

Scott Doyle