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Raising Awareness of Polio

Students from the Nurture Group planted over a 1000 Purple Crocuses to commemorate all those Rotarians and their friends who, by immunising children against Polio, have nearly eradicated Polio from the World.

Through this amazing work, we are now in the position in 2017 where we have almost fully eradicated polio – it remains endemic in only 3 countries but, unless we reach every child with the vaccine, no child anywhere is safe.  

In addition, it allowed students to work cooperatively to plant the bulbs.  One student said "It was great fun because we got to work in teams and planted them all over the place!"

The crocuses which were donated by The Rotary Club of Derby South, will be a reminder to pupils, students, parents and visitors just how important it is to eradicate this disease, for the future of our children.