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Year 7 Drop Down Day on Safety

Year 7’s normal timetable was suspended for the day on Wednesday 10th January, so they could attend a series of workshops presented by visiting experts on various aspects of safety. Many of the facilitators told personal stories of their own experiences to bring the workshops to life.

Students heard vivid accounts of how involvement with gangs can be life –changing, with devastating consequences. They debated the effects of drug abuse and discovered how it has damaged lives.  Together with another facilitator they explored the possible effects of peer pressure and confirmed their understanding of on line safety. Age related laws were clarified and the dangers of sexting were clearly shown.

Students had the chance to work with other members of their Tutor groups all day to get to know each other better and share ideas in an atmosphere of mutual trust. The comments below from the evaluation forms show how much it meant to them and what they learned from it.

Mrs C Ezis

Learning Director for Personal Development.