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Year 13 Drop Down Day

On January 26th, Year 13 students took part in their Drop Down Day. Students were invited to a range of lectures and seminars provided by a variety of speakers and covering a range of topics with the intention of preparing them for their imminent transition into the world of work and university life.

In the Student Finance lecture, students were given vital information regarding their tuition and loans for university study, ensuring they enter their next phase of education fully prepared.

Drugs and Alcohol were covered in an emotive, engaging and eye-opening personal account from Wayne and Darren; Whilst Di and Steve gave useful insight into mental health and how to care for this vital aspect of your wellbeing.

Our sex and relationship session allowed students to explore the effectiveness of contraceptive methods, as well as considering the highly topical and important issues of consent and emotions.

Speakers from the University of Derby led the year in LGBT awareness.

Overall, the day was varied, vibrant and allowed Year 13 to think beyond their impending A Level exams, to  issues that may confront them as they become more independent.