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Revision Support


Support with Revision at Derby Moor

Revising is an important part of the run-up to exams and, at Derby Moor, we pride ourselves on the help and support we give to our students as they approach their exams. We hope that this Revision Section will:

  • Help students with the revision process
  • Help parents to offer support to their child as they revise for their exams

How can parents help their child at exam times?

Your child may be worried about their forthcoming exams and the revision he/she needs to do for them. You can help your child to cope and you can learn more about exams yourself by doing the following:

  • Encourage your child to talk about their exams and what they need to learn for each subject
  • Ask what school is doing to help students plan and revise for their exams
  • Speak to relevant staff at school about any concerns you may have about the exams
  • Emphasise the importance of revision to your child - it is essential to doing well in exams and it helps a child to achieve their full potential
  • Find out when all of the exams are so that you can ensure your child gets up in time and is not late for school!
  • If your child finds them useful, look out for a good commercially published revision guide or get them to use online revision sites such as SAM Learning and BBC BiteSize. Some subject areas at school sell revision guides to students. All subject areas will provide guidance on the purchase of appropriate guides
  • Praise your child for working hard and doing well - let them know you are aware of their efforts. Offer small, short-term rewards to encourage motivation
  • Be as supportive as you can and listen to any worries and concerns they may have
  • Make sure your child does not work too hard - regular breaks and exercise are important
  • As a parent, you naturally want your child to do well - but try not to let your expectations for your child become an added burden for them and possibly increase the stress they’re already under

What is school doing to help students with their exams?

Staff are very supportive and much is done both in individual curriculum areas and on a cross-curricular basis to help students to prepare for their exams, including:

  • Excellent revision preparation by individual teachers in all subject areas
  • Students are given practice exam papers and questions to do so that they are familiar with the type of question asked, layout of the exam paper etc.
  • GCSC revision sessions run in school for 2 days at the end of the Easter holidays
  • All students are given an individual revision folder containing information about exams and hints on how to revise effectively
  • School subscribes to the online revision website SAM Learning – all students have at least 1 lesson on how to use and access this.

Any problems with accessing SAM Learning should be addressed to Mrs Hiscock at school

How can parents help their child with their revision?

Revision is essential if your child is do justice to him or herself in their exams. Sensible use of time is important and you can help the revision process in the following ways:

  • Make sure that revision is in short bursts (a maximum of 40 minutes per session) and that each session is followed by a break. Revising in this way is more effective and learning stays fresh in the mind for longer
  • Talking is important - it helps to improve recall. Let your child be the teacher and tell you about different topics - this is a very effective way of learning
  • Encourage your child to use different strategies and techniques when revising - some examples are:
     - summarising notes
     - highlighting key facts
     - picking out key words or phrases
     - using spider diagrams or mind maps
     - making revision cards
     - using mnemonics to remember information
     - recording on tape and playing back when doing something else
  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to study and revise - too many interruptions are bad for concentration
  • Encourage your child to attend any revision sessions run by school in the Easter holidays

If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in contact with school and we will do our best to help you.