House Groups

The school operates a Vertical Tutoring system which means when a student enters the school, they are placed in a mixed year and ability House group of about 24 students under the care of a House Tutor.

The House Tutor has the important task of overseeing the academic progress and the personal and social development of each person in the House Group. In most cases, the House Tutor will remain with the same House Group as students progress through the school; this helps to provide continuity of care. Students in year 11 are still in houses but are put into specific Y11 tutor groups.

Derby Moor have five houses which are based on the Olympic values.

The Olympic symbol includes five interlaced rings, which represent the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from across the world at the Olympic Games. Our School has five houses which work in union. At Derby Moor Academy we promote Olympian values alongside the value of caring for the well-being of self, family and community. 

House Tag Lines & Colour

Dedication = Blue

With Strength, With Pride, With Dedication

House Manager Mrs A Hodgkinson:


Participation = Black

Take Part from the Start

House Manager:  Miss A Moulton


Solidarity = Red

Be Bold, Be Strong, That’s Solidarity all Along

House Manager: Mr  K O'Connell: K.O'


Honour = Yellow

Honour in Name, Honour in Nature

House Manager: Mr I Dhillon:


Spirit = Green

Team Spirit – Refuse to Lose

House Manager: Miss C Thomas: