The Science Faculty at Derby Moor Academy makes it a priority to develop science skills so that students are naturally inquisitive about their learning. Whether this is through practical activity, problem-solving tasks or skill development lessons, we aim to get students passionate about Science so they show high levels of enthusiasm in their further Science training or employment. The curriculum is accessible to all by using aspirational targets, differentiated resources and strategies to support the disadvantaged. We aim to have a well-structured curriculum which supports high quality teaching and makes sustainable links with the local industry. By ensuring all teaching staff and students are fully resourced, we remove barriers to learning. We thrive to actively promote staff development through main scale teachers taking on additional responsibility and effective support strategies to develop pedagogy.

Our curriculum meets our value of achievement by ensuring that:

  • We promote high quality teaching though the development of a Derby Moor Science classroom which has been constructed based on educational research. We ensure teachers have good subject knowledge through faculty CPD and QA mechanisms which highlight underperformance with suggested methods of support.
  • The use of retrieval practice and space learning is incorporated to aid memory retention.
  • A range of intervention sessions are provided which are targeted and develop both the knowledge and the skills required for learners to be successful.
  • Lessons have been developed which focus on knowledge and also on skills which are then sequenced throughout the academic year linked with teacher specialism. They include modelling to support students through exam technique.

Our curriculum meets our value of aspiration by ensuring that:

  • Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all learners the knowledge they need to succeed.
  •  Students are guided for the course which best meets their needs by using prior and current data. This includes selecting students for either combined or separate science at KS4 with the offer of A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and a BTEC in Applied Science at KS5.
  • The level of self-review within books by students is increased, so they are directly involved within their learning when it is happening.
  • Student voice takes place periodically throughout the year.

Our curriculum meets our value of high expectations by ensuring that:

  • Students are provided with every opportunity to progress to the next stage of their education.
  •  Homework is an integral part of student learning where lessons have been mapped into the curriculum to regularly review it.
  • We deliver an education which identifies where correction or development is required.
  • The skills within a key stage which are required for the next key stage are developed e.g. practical endorsement at KS5 is used at KS4.

Our curriculum meets our value of community by ensuring that:

  • Extra-curricular activities are provided that enhance students’ school life and support the curriculum.
  • We develop partnerships amongst other schools within the trust and external providers by working in collaboration with the Science consultant across the trust as well as external providers e.g. Rolls-Royce.
  •  The faculty actively looks to develop links within the community to support the delivery of the curriculum.